Auto Sampler Release tail

I’m trying to sample a short (instant cutoff) brass section and the 20ms of Release tail is just not going to cut it (pun intended… :wink: :smile:). Is there a reason why is 20ms the lowest value?

And it would be really helpful if you could select the lowest and the highest value with learn function (like in MIDI IN blocks)… :pray:

Not particularly — it could probably be changed in a future release. That said, there are several ways to address this in the short term

  1. Use an ADSR in your playback sampler, make the note length as long as you will ever need and just turn the release phase of the ADSR to minimum
  2. Use a free tool like audacity to cut off (pun intended) that last 20 ms from your sample

Edit: I’ve added your suggestion to our tracking system


Can it be done in DecentSampler?