Auto Sampler Generator not creating the dspreset file

Just upgraded to 4.7. Testing out the auto sampler feature…super excited about it.

I’ve tried a few different times and each time it records the samples fine but it does not generate a Decent Sampler preset file.

Not sure if this is a bug or if I am missing something.



It’s really worth reading the documentation

See in particular the Options

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I just followed the video exactly.

Follow the documentation :slight_smile:

(The process was changed after that video was created)

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I’m having the same problem generating DS files- DS doesn’t open them ?

I am having an issue as well where it’s not creating a decent sampler .xml file. I am following documentation accurately, I am pretty sure. Any idea as why I may not be seeing the xml? Is it maybe not in the same folder at the samples?

Screen shot showing your auto sampler options?

It should be in that output folder. I assume you have given GP permission for disk access

I certainly would have if I’d been asked (don’t remember) but I’ve never had any file access issues before this. I am using the .vst3 version of Decent Sampler, could that have some impact? I tried the AU version but it was crashing GP upon placement (I did report to you).

I plan on getting Kontakt next month (black friday sales baby!) so might be moot after that, but trying to get some old Kronos Combi’s sampled into the new rig.

Any other suggestions if this just won’t generate the file? (alternate sampler)

What file are you talking about?

I’m saying that if I cannot get GP to generate the decent sampler xml file, do you have a recommendation for a sampler solution? I’ve run this autosampler like 4 times and it just won’t generate that xml file. I keep thinking I’ve done something wrong. Also, how can I check to make sure GP has permissions for disk access? I’ve utilized many of the features of the app without incident before but cannot solve this one.

As @dhj said the XML file should be generated in the output folder.
Are the WAV-Files created in that folder?

Yeah, the wave files are all in there. I’m going to try a different folder destination (the defaulted one for decent sampler), maybe that will help as it does appear decent sampler made an xml file in it’s install folder.

Update: Having the sampler default to the decentsampler/sample libraries folder resulted in an xml file being created.