Auto-fading Between Variations Or Song Parts?

Do you know if there are ways to autofade volumes between variations (or even maybe songs) so that it doesn’t just jump?

What types of sounds are you changing between with the variations?

For songs, are you playing continuously from one song straight into the other?

Sorry, I meant song parts more than anything, such as ramping up or down a vocal reverb rather than just cutting or boosting the volume instantly.

There’s no standard option in GP to do this. It’s turned up a few times as a feature request.

GP Script is the best alternative. This might give you some ideas:


Hi @Jojo welcome to the GP community forum.

We already talked about and proposed something like that to the devs based on being able to define a transition time between two widget settings. You could control anything with this this widget and when switching from variation to variation (or from song part to song part if the song parts are within the same rackspace) rather than jumping to the next value it would change following the transition time.

Is it something like this that you would like?

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Yes! I think that would do exactly what I was hoping to do. Do you know if it’s something the devs are taking seriously?

In my experience, the devs are very committed to implementing what is useful to the users, but as always they must prioritize the requests. So it might take a while…


I know it is already on their list, but as you can imagine the list is huge :grinning:

I cannot tell you anything about priorities, but in the meantime we can think of a GPScript based solution as mentioned by @rank13. I am myself thinking of something like that, so it could be that I propose an alternative Scriptlet for this in a few days. :wink:


Awesome! I’ll check that out when I’m in from tod my system again :+1:t3:

I for one am very interested in this feature!! Is there a target release for it?

No, but things still sometimes happen…