Audio Track Player and plugin preset changes

I would soon need to build a new live setup.
The biggest difference from my current one is that I’m gonna have a guitar with six separate outputs, which I’d like to process in a different way.
Also, I would need a backing track or an audio click track on some songs.

What I did so far on Ableton is to automatize all sound changes, opening and closing send fx in specific point of a dummy track or a backing track.

However with the new system I will need at least 70/80 plugins, which will have to work with different presets and combinations.

Ableton is very complicate about using automated program changes

My question is: can I set the audio track player to send a specific program change during a song in Gig Performer?

I only use a very simple pedalboard to switch from one song to another, having the program handle all the sound changes, and I would like to keep this kind of workflow (I don’t like to tap dance too much)

Thank you very much,

I am using Ableton Live for my backung tracks and is synchronized with Gig Performer via Link.
I start Ableton live from the global play in Gig Performer and with the on beat callback I am changing variations,
This is working fine as I am using 1 rackspace for 1 song.
The other possibility is to use a M4L device which can translate for example cc44 to program changes.
This way you could create an automation curve in a clip in live session mode and send PC messages at every point in the timeline you need it.

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