Audio stops Responding

I’ve had the same issue occur during my last two shows and I’m a little stumped on how to troubleshoot and resolve. This happened with both GP 4.8x (first time) and GP 5 (second time). I just did my upgrade a few days ago and this issue did not present during my extensive pre-show testing.

In the middle of a show, the audio simply stops producing out of GP. I can still navigate back and forth between songs/rackspaces, but the only way to get audio back is to completely quit GP, restart it and reload my gig file. Given that is a 3-5 minute load time, that is really not a good pattern and I have to get my band members to stall while I get everything reloaded. In both cases, the problem did not present a second time during either of these shows.


MacBook Pro 2021 with M1 Max, 64GB ram, 1 TB SSD
Behringer XR18 mixer/audio interface
Nord Stage 4 (connected via USB)
NI Komplete Kontrol S88 (connected via USB)
Panda Midi MidiBeam wireless (connected via USB)

One thing of note, back in the old days when I was using Brainspawn Forte on PC, there was a button on the main panel (always visible) that you could use to turn the audio engine of Forte on and off. I did experience this type of issue very occassionally with Forte, but I could use that button to specifically turn off and on the audio engine which would solve the problem without restarting Forte and reloading my show.



What upgrade?

You are using a plugin when this happens? What plugin?


I think double clicking the panic button resets the audio interface. Single click is your typical midi panic.


Yes double click resets audio system

That said, there is no magic here. If everything worked fine on your tests (though a couple of days is not a lot of time to do thorough testing if you did an os update) then the most likely issue is hardware, maybe a cable or USB.

You can add a System Actions plugin to your Wiring view, add a Pad widget and assign it to the Panic parameter. Double-clicking that button (or double-tapping, or hitting the key/button on your MIDI controller/Touch surface twice, or even the Stream Deck configuration is available) will reset the audio system.

If I were you, I’d:

  • update my drivers (if available),
  • check the cables,
  • check the USB hub,
  • possibly leave your configuration for hours at home to try to test would it happen again.
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Thank you all for your feedback. My plan is the following.

  • Change out my USB hub and cable to the audio interface (I already have matching ones in my home rig)
  • Make sure I have a button somewhere I can tie to a widget in the global rackspace for hitting the panic button so that I can double hit the panic button if and when it happens again. I already have a stream deck that has been setup for video work, but I can retask that to my live rig
  • Once we have a longer break, spend some time writing some type of scripting to run the whole rig through load for several hours to see if I can reproduce outside of a live situation

WRT to upgrades, I upgraded the OS (minor update from 12.7.4 to 12.7.5 early in the week and tested with GP 4.8x with no issues. I upgraded GP itself from 4.8x to 5.x mid-week and continued testing with no issues.

Since I was in the middle of a show, I was unable to take notes while trying to recover from the audio stopping in the middle of a song. I’m going to take the extra 10 seconds to make notes if and when the issue occurs again.