Audio routing

So I’m at my grandma’s right now and my speaker is at home, along with my aux adapter. Long story short I’m here to play but the speakers she gave me doesn’t fit into my focusrite scarlet 4i4. It does however fit into my computer, and I was wondering if there was a way to take the audio input through my audio controller, but have the output be my computer speakers?

Are you using active speakers?

If you’re on mac then, AFAIK, you can create a ‘compound’ interface.

On Windows it’s not that easy, you can have only one audio interface active (using ASIO).
But in GP5 you can use two GP instances (each with its own audio interface) and use GP Relayer to connect the two instances and transport the audio signal from one instance to the other. Make sure to use the same sample rate in both instances.

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If you use GP5, the idea could be to have two different GP intances. Keep on using the audio interface in your « main » instance. And add a second one using an audio driver related to the internal PC sound.
In the first GP instance put a FromLocalRackspace GP plugin wired to a GP Relayer in sending mode in the global rackspace and route the final audio mix of you local rackspaces to this GP Relayer using a ToGlobalRackspace GP plugin (unfortunately you will probably have to modify all your local rackspaces the same way). In the second GP instance, use a GP relayer in receiving mode connected to the PC audio output.

Did you try this? → VB-Audio Matrix - #24 by npudar

In the past I tried banana, voicemeter, the whole fruit basket and I didn’t have good results in latency terms. But maybe I should give this one a shot…

In Gig Performer you can use different Interfaces for Input and Output.
What is the issue?

Mac, I presume?

Yes, on Mac

On Windows that is not possible?

Unfortunately not.

Another argument to use a Mac :wink:

Indeed, there are lots or arguments, especially in better routing options.

I cannot afford cheap gear :wink:
Therefore I am on Mac

I thought you’re on Mac :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tried it again: using the right setup, I can get the latency (full round trip) down to about 15 ms (interface A → vb matrix → virtual asio8 → GP → virtual asio8 → vb matrix → interface B). That’s playable for me, but noticeable. But it is much better than I experienced in the past :beers:

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