Audio Mixer in GP, Can I control Mutes via Midi

You want to control the mutes in the GP Audio mixer (or any other automatable parameter in any other plugin)? Just assign a widget and link it to your MIDI controller :slight_smile:

What’s the problem with the XR18?

Sorry I got side tracked on the use of assigning widgets. I will check that out. I will make another post after this to better detail the issue with XR18

First off, I have a Dell inspiron 5566 Touch Laptop, connected to from the USB port I dedicated on the laptop to the XR18. I disconnected all other acces to this setup to conclude it was none of those. I use Midi Guitar 2 as my guitar interface. In this scenario I use strings, piano and pads, which come from my PC to the XR18 (Ch 7 thru 12) 3 stereo linked ch. No matter what I do ( even after a full shut down and boot up ) it will operate normally, untill I press the MUTE on 7 and 8 (strings in this case) after I mute it and now showing the MUTE status lit on the XR, I still see the USB siginals coming thru. When I hit it a second time (ch 7-12) are muted. Hit 7-8 a third time (ch 7-12 are then active, with only ch 7-8 showing a MUTE status. Crazy Huh… It can’t be hardware, and the only way to recover is to reboot all. Then it will recur after the same procedure. I was routing all my vox ch to DCA Group 1, my Guit’s to DCA Group 2, my Key’s to Group 3 the problem ch I thought at first before digging in. Could not find any other settings that may be causing this. If you have any other suggestions, I will try them. In the mean time I will just have to use this work around to mix my setup. Again; thanks for your help.

Don’t know if this will post, but here is a scrn cap of my GP layout.

I can’t talk to the X18 issue but just a quick suggestion – you probably don’t need to use all those ports in Kontakt and/or SessionDrummer so you might want to use the global option to restrict the max number of visible ports, it will make your blocks much smaller.

Thank You… that is a good suggestion!

Could you provide more details about this? What are you trying to do exactly? XR18 uses OSC internally with their remote control apps. I think it may be possible to use MIDI, but haven’t tried that. Both should work with GP, but it would be good to understand what are you trying to accomplish.
I’ve never had the need to control my XR18 from GP although it can be done.

I am not actually trying to control the XR18 from GP, however I could def see some benefits of that capability. The fact of the matter is; that GP and the XR18 are sharing USB and Midi data flo to some extent. So it is hard to rule out any thing thru GP at this moment. I will give you a more detailed explanation when time permits. Thanks for your interest.

I have controlled muting a couple of aux bus channels via MIDI to the XR18 with success from a widget, however at my last gig, this was sporadically misbehaving, so I’m not sure if the issue was GP, my computer hardware or the XR. I may look at trying to use OSC instead since that IS an option. I hadn’t thought about the fact that the XR has OSC support and since I don’t have a Mac, I don’t tend to think of OSC as an option.


But, why? :thinking:

Truth be told, I have a project on the books to build a Hackintosh drive for my new rack mount PC. I specifically picked my hardware to be compatible. I will likely start that project in another six weeks or so. Back in February I priced a Macbook Pro plus all of the adapters I would need to connect all of my hardware. I nearly died from the sticker shock.

About two weeks after that, I came across a couple of YouTube videos from one of my favorite producers that introduced me to the concept of a Hackintosh. That’s when I started the initial planning for the rackmount build I just completed last week. Initially my new box is a Windows 10 PC to replace the rackmount I’ve been using for the last four and a half years. I’ll be using it live for the first time this weekend. I have to initially go with a known quantity I know will work given I’ve been using Windows for live audio for roughly 14 years now.

It will be interesting to see how I respond to MacOS on this box when I get to it. At the current time, I’m a 75% Windows, 25% Linux guy. Oh… and I’ll need to buy another GP license, too.


OK, bus this doesn’t really answer my previous question. Why should the use of OSC be related to the OS running your GP rig ?


ummmm… my total misunderstanding of what OSC is and how it works?

If you think OSC is OS related, perhaps ???
You can have a look here:

And if you want to start to play with OSC I recently posted this:

OX X is based on BSD Unix combined with the CMU Mach real-time kernel. Most Linux apps will compile from source for OS X. You will want to check out using “brew” as your package manager.

There are a million ways to use Gig Performer with a mixer such as the Behringer XR series. From a guitarist stand point, having access to a midi converter like any of the Roland stuff, or Midi Guitar 2, it only adds to the endless possibilities. Of course GP3 can pretty much run the whole show on it’s own, which is one of the reasons i went with it. However it extremely time consuming (as most know) to take one song, figure out what patches you want to use through out the song, get them loaded and volumes leveled as you like, then ad lyrics (if that’s your thing) maybe some lighting links,…etc. etc. I would like most of this at some point, but don’t want to dedicate the rest of my natural born days to do so… :slight_smile:
So I have settle on something more of a live control type of access. I to a Rocktron Midi Mate controller (version 1… which by the way, was real pain in the kahoota to find info on it) and weeks went by berfore I figured out what I needed to know about it. Almost giving up a few times) I have 10 buttons that I programmed 5 on top, and 5 on the bottom.
1 Aux-Mute (XR18)
2 FX1 (XR18)
3 FX2 (XR18)
4 FX3 (XR18)
5 FX4 (XR18)

6 Master-Mute XR
7 Pianos
8 Brass
9 Drums
10 Pads
So I can mute any of the inst I want at any time. FX sends are muted rather than FX return mutes…

So the bottom line is I could have an issue with the XR18, or my PC, or GP3, which by the way has been crashing on a reg basis since I installed the 3.5 upgrade. Just a perk to enlighten my life.

One last comment
When it works… It’s Amazing!
When it doesn’t … May as well go back to just guitar :frowning:

How is it crashing and is there any pattern to the crashes? Are you absolutely sure that your AV is not interfering with the updated GP or a plugin. Finally - if you uninstall and go back to say v3.2.7 does the situation change?


I will let you know after I roll back to 3.2.7 "which I have not ever installed. It basically just locks up and I have to select Close from the Pop-up message choice. I don’t have to reboot to to get it to work again. I don’t recall it crashing just before the upgrade, however after talking to MIdiGuitar 2 people about an update that would decern the difference between there 64bit ver and 32bit ver which seemed to work for me simultaneously, however I could not physically tell which one I was working with. They do not expect anyone to use both ver at the same time and have no intention to make any obvious color changes or titling to show any difference. So I opted to pay for another piece of software to use my 32bit plugins, called jBridge. This might also effect my situation. As for the XR I programmed the MidiMate using Behringer midi implementation chart to directly mute channels from the midi mate, however, even if I disconnect everything except the XR18 and my PC - when I first mute 7 and 8 (my stereo strings ch) it does nothing, then when I hit mute the second time it mutes 7 - 16 on the XR18. I have gone through all my in/out settings as well as pretty much every tweak there is on the Xair - One last note that really should not effect this situation is, I am having an issue with my PC where it will not give me access to updates and or Advanced Sound settings windows. (They open then quickly close) I am still working out these issues as well. Some day I may become a guitar player again… lol

I’m not quite sure why you’re trying to run both a 64-bit and a 32-bit version of the same plugin, specially at the same time. There may be be funky bad interactions going on there, for example, both of them trying to access hardware that may be locked and so forth. Also, once you start using a wrapper to make 32-bit plugins work, you now have multiple points of failure where jBridge may not be handling the 32-bit plugin properly which may cause the wrapped plugin to be broken from Gig Performer’s perspective.

Generally, if you’re using a wrapper to try and make 32-bit plugins run in a 64-bit environment, all bets are off. Some may work, some won’t, some will be intermittent.

I do know that many users have worked with Midi Guitar 2 (64-bit version) in Gig Performer with no problems.

The jBridge people do know about Gig Performer so if you can in fact narrow down the problem to a 32-bit plugin, you should reach out to them.