Audio interface: RME vs. a TB3 (today, on a mac)

i read the other thread, i saw the link with the graphs from gearslutz, posted in that thread here

it seems that at 64-128 samples buffer settings,
the differenz of better AIs is in the 1-2ms ballpark, one vs. the other.
But i can´t estimate where a Behringer UMC1820 (USB) would play here

in case i would go for a new AI in the 600-800€ ballpark,
would you tend to fork out more, 1000-1500€ and go with an RME - USB,
or would you go TB3 anyway ?

i have the Presonus quantum2626 on my radar.
I really would like to have 8 ins/outs, vs. just a stereo pair on a more expensive brand for example.

my scenarios are mixed, money tight for the whole year,
so i´m quite unclear.

i started using my Bass again, i´ll get a Guitar soon,
and will use GP3 as my realtime AMP-stack + FX unit for that task.
so here are minimal RT Latencies a god send.

while i want to have 8 in/outs on the other side, to use my modular or grooveboxes or both.
where 2-3-4-5ms more or less would not play a role,
----> exept: if i can get the whole roundtrip latency down to something like 3-4ms.
thats the big ? in this whole question.

the quantum 2626 would be in reach in 1-2 months or so.
i personally think i should go by any means with a TB3 unit.

the RME-TB3 units are out of reach…so RME would mean: USB

i can´t estimate how much the RME factor counts on a mac ! …???
or if i should go TB3 anyway, but with a higher level, more xpensive one vs. the 600$ Quantum 626$

( i use M1 macs )

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dificult query i guess ? :wink:

…but probably just, cause we´re on a mac, hehe

Late reply, sorry!

I am using a Quantum 2626 for Electric Bass and Chapman Stick. Latency at 44.1kHz 128 samples is inaudible and at 256 samples negligible, I probably can’t hear it. Using Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 15"

I bought it June 2020 and I’m still very happy with my choice.

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thats great to hear. I use a NI komplete 6 right now.
with bass would i say: at 64samples is it negligible, at 128 still useable, but you feel it allready

i btw. stumbled over a statement from a Guy who has an RME and a Quantum2626,
who claims that the quantum2626 has lower latency than the RME.
He also mentioned that Presonus has had a date where the M1mac driver was spoken for, but they missed that date.
so i mailed presonus…Re: M1mac drivers are in the work and shoud be ready within a few weeks.
I guess that the value of a RME is really from more weight on windows systems than it is on a mac.

Thanks for the feedback ! its very welcome ( also on the Balckhole thread ! )

This would really surprise me, but why not…

I suppose their excellent hardware is also perfect on Mac. :wink:

i´m shure it will…i need a 8 chanel unit.
its not doable for me in RME quality as a TB3 unit.

The TB3 has not 8 analog audio outputs?!? In terms of inputs/outputs it compares to the RME babyface and they are both in the same price range.

If you want 8x8 analog inputs/outputs the RME UCX does the job. But it is a bit more expensive. However there are cheaper alternatives from brands like Motu or others.

talking RME, the UFX would be their Thunderbolt interface with 8 or more in/outs.
2370.-chf…totally not in my reach.

otherwise i´d say i´d prefer to go with a TB3 unit from an other brand vs. a RME unit. ( with the infos i have down now…i mean, i´m on a mac. Really, i would look differently to it if i was on a win machine :wink: )

talking cheaper, yes, there are others,…like the Presonus quantum2626 which i have my focus on :wink: …619.-chf
i have my main focus on TB3 interfaces, finally

guess i understand now also why the RME from that guy has had more latency:
it might NOT have been a TB3 interface.

means: i think i understand now the whole thing a bit better, and my OP question is answered.

Motu would i personally rate as overhyped…its not the brand i would go for.
RME has ofcourse the best reputation vs. value…