Audio Interface recommendations

Hey Everyone! I have decided to go Completely Virtual for my next Tour.
I’ll be running GP 5 with the fastest Mac Studio mounted inside a custom briefcase and the Fastest and Smallest audio interface with 4 outs, sitting right next to it…What are your favorite Interfaces that meet THESE Specs?..Thanks for you advice!..Rubén w/Weird Al Yankovic.

The MOTU M4 is compact, has 4 outputs and is highly regarded amongst GP users, including myself.

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We have a lot if Focusrite users here as well: 4i4, 8i6…
Also RME, Steinberg, Behringer… have good, small and fast interfaces with 4+ outputs

Firstly, Ruben, welcome to Gig Performer, and it’s great to see someone that performs with undoubtedly the greatest Cover artist on here. I personally use a Focusrite 2i2, at home, but still use a 3.5mm out from my MacBook. I do have a spare Focusrite to use live, but I also have to setup sound for the band as well as lights. My USB ports get overloaded as it is live.

You didn’t mention your budget. If you can afford it, give the RME Babyface Pro a try. They have one of the best, most reliable, lowest latency ASIO drivers available. And their hardware is superb.

RME Babyface Pro FS


I am a big fan of RME. Their support team is amazing. I am running RME’s Digiface Dante as my audio interface, connected to my MacStudio. I am using the iPad M4 as one of my two monitors. I have the first generation iPad running forScore for my charts. I am not sure this is what you’re looking for, but my group is using an Audio Mixer with Dante. All I have to do is connect one CAT5 cable and I’m done. I have 9 outs going to the mixer. I use RME’s TotalMix software to run and mix my live audio and GP5 together, and send them back out to the board. I have my guitar and vocal running through GP5. My guitar (direct box) and vocal are plugged into the board, they are sent to GP through the CAT5 cable and then sent back to the board through the same CAT5 cable.
Good Luck!

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I’m also a big fan of RME — unfortunately as far as I know, the Babyface only has two regular output channels. I know - it has headphone outputs but they’re not balanced and also use a different connection so it becomes a bit of a headache to deal with them in a touring environment.

If the budget allows, consider the RME UCX


I didn’t mention the RME Fireface UCX because I don’t know what the OP’s budget is, and I didn’t want to scare him off of RME. For me personally, the UCX is perfect.

RME Fireface UCX


If speed is more important than size, consider the Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt (which drivers shave a few ms off the total)
plenty of analogue I/O

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I would also say RME. Are you not using Kurzweil as part of your setup? Once I got Gig Performer I really didn’t need the Kurzweil though they are nice sounding

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Kurzweil has been the best of All keyboards in meeting all of my needs pertaining to the AL Show…Gig Performer is now designing the future of Live Performance, and I am proud to be part of the Revolution. Thank you GP. Onward and Upward!


I own two RME UCX and I love their rock solid hardware and drivers. My UCX are both ten years old and I won’t need to replace them very soon, but RME proposes now a new version of this model, the UCX II:


Good catch! I posted the previous model. The new UCX II is the same price or slightly less than the old UCX, IIRC.

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I’m using the UCX II and it’s very stable and sounds good.