Audio interface problem - no sound

I have just purchased Gigperformer and have setup my plugins and audio file player - but I cant get any sound through from my microphone. I think I have tried all settings (and updated the driver for the interface) but I get no sound at all. I can see on the audio interface itself that it gets the signal from the microphone. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here?:thinking:…

Do you see any levels in the Audio In plugin?

No…it looks like no signal is coming from the interface… (but as I wrote I can see the signal leds on the interface whichb shows signal).

The LED is an input indicator?
And what interface are you using?

I use the Behringer UMC404HD - yes the LED is an input indicator on the interface. I just changed from my desktop computer to my laptop where I just installed the driver for the interface. I have had no issues on the desktop computer…weird🤔

If you’re using a Behringer umc1820, then for outputs 1 and 2 the main out should be turned to the right to get the daw outputs active:

For that one I don’t know, sorry

If you see the input LED on the interface indicating a signal, but in the lower left corner of the GP-Window there is no signal coming in, but the configuration is obviously ok, maybe have a look at the driver’s settings:
No signal?
2023-02-27 19_44_58-

Enter driver panel

Check these settings (Volume tab/ Inputs)… maybe the volumes are turned down?
2023-02-27 19_47_11-Window

Thank you all…I got it to work now.:ok_hand::ok_hand:
It was the sample rate in Windows which caused the problem…:wink::thinking:

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Thanks - I know :wink:

Something that took me some time to find out the first time :grinning:

Hi MArtin, Can I ask what did you change the sample rate to? I have the same issue as you but cant seen to resolve it… :roll_eyes:

I just set the Windows sample rate to match the sample rate of the audio interface.