Audio interface for Pc

Hi folks , I’m thinking of getting a audio interface for my pc laptop . Any good recommendations? I heard that RMe babyface pro is good but it’s beyond my budget . My budget is Us$350 . Thanks !

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If you want/need MIDI In and Out ports on your audio interface, I recommend the Steinberg UR22C. It also supports the faster USB 3.0 standard and bundles free versions of Cubase Ai, Cubasis LE, and dspMixFx. You can get it now for $170 on Perfect Circuit using their Spring Sale discount code.

Have you checked eBay or Reverb? Wouldn’t surprise me if these were available 2nd hand but in pristine condition.

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Just checked Reverb and eBay. Used RME Babyface Pro’s start at $570.

I bought a MOTU M4 recently that I’m pleased with. Very solid build, good drivers, bus powered, USB C.

I had a Presonus Studio series before that. Also good drivers. Build quality was a bit cheaper, and I ended up returning it to get the MOTU M4 largely for aesthetic reasons. No complains about the Presonus performance.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, which is above your price range, but there are several of the smaller (fewer ins/outs) Scarletts in your price range. I like the build quality and aesthetics of the Focusrites better than the Presonus, but the single most irritating thing about the Focusrites is that their ASIO drivers do not support multi-client. 99.9% of the time that doesn’t matter, but on the rare occasion that you want to run Gig Performer and a DAW or some other audio app at the same time, it won’t work.

I also have an RME BabyFace Pro and a UFX II. Love them both, but way higher prices.

My suggestion is to decide what features you really want (how many mic or instrument inputs and outputs, MIDI jacks, headphone jacks) and look for what’s on sale among the name brands and looks good to you.