Audio input problem in settings

Hi all. Guitarist for ages, and because of my health problems, I decided to switch all my software set for transport facilities. So I turned to this software. I am faced with a problem that I cannot solve. When I configure my sound card and put plugins for my electric guitar, I always hear the input signal from my guitar. Nothing alarming in clear sound, but as soon as I pass on saturation, I always hear the clear signal behind. I don’t understand how to remove it. I tried with 2 different sound cards (Soundcraft UI24r and Audiobox 44vsl) for the same result. Has anyone ever encountered this problem?

Thank you all

PS: i’m french and my english poor. Thank you google trad !

Can you upload your gig?

I’ve heard of this happening to people and it’s often because the sound cards are passing through the input directly to the output independently of sending the signal to the computer.

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I just checked for the SoundCraft interface, like in the RME I own, there is an internal configurable connection matrix which originally connects the hardware inputs to the same hardware outputs (e.g. hardware input 1 goes to hardware output 1, etc…). That’s probably not what you want. It seems that you have to disconnect the hardware input you use for your guitar front the output. Only the GP output (which probably corresponds to the software input of your audio interface) has to go to the audio interface output. Whatever, the key of your issue is to understand how the audio is routed internally in you audio interface.

Which is the first audio interface you would like to configure ?

Thank you every one but i’ve found the soltion.
It was just a signal routing problem in the effect chain. it was very simple, but the simple solutions are sometimes the most difficult to find.

Thanks again to everyone.

No problem, feel free to ask if you have further questions :wink: