Audio Front expression controller faulting


Before GP v3 was released, I bought and was using successfully an Audio Front expression controller interface ( Since upgrading to v3, I have had a couple of gigs where my sound got chopped up for 1/2 second or so at random times. The other day I had my foot on my volume pedal and the choppy/delayed sound started happening again. I removed the device from the system and so far the problem has disappeared. Now it could be the volume pedal which is an old Technics one, or a GP V3 clash. Has anyone else experienced this happening?


I also use a audiofront exp controller but dont have this problem but i have to reload its setting everytime i open gp


I’m running through a hub. I’ll have to test to see if that could be the problem as one hub I’ve got seems really bad with these choppy drop outs.


Why ?


Why indeed. I don’t have to.


I actually have no idea but i seem to have to activate the pedals everytime i use gp. I just got use to doing that and never looked into it. I use a boss fs6 and fsu with the audiofront exp 4. The main trouble I have is with the fs 6, maybe its not entirely compatible.?? It doesnt show as a inc dec pedal half the time. Its just really inconsistent.


What exactly is involved in this activation? I have a couple of those audiofront interfaces (1/4” to USB that generate CC messages) and they just work.


I use 3 of the AF MIDI Express I/Os in different rigs and have not experienced that behavior. I use an FS6 with 2 of them, Sounds like perhaps your expression pedals are sending weird data.

You might also try increasing your buffer - I have had glitchy audio when I had a gig with lots going on and it was taxing the CPU. Increasing the buffer value solved that issue.


I now suspect that the problem was a USB hub not able to handle the work. I bought a Surace Pro Docking Station which provided several USB inputs as well was the ability to charge my SP 6 and the problem seems to have resolved itself. The volume controller is now working well. I wouldn’t mind a new pedal though, so which one do you use?


Ahh… i use an unpowered usb hub that runs my nano and audiofront exp 4 this could be it i will test it