Audio File Player issue


I’ve experienced a strange issue with the audio file player plugin at rehearsal the other evening. The audio file in my rack space played as it was supposed to do a few times with no issues. On another triggering of the file, instead of playing the file correctly, it sounded garbled and what I only could describe as heavy aliasing. I had to close out of GP and restart the program to get it working properly again. Any idea why this is happening and what can I do to avoid this in the future.


Do you use at the same Time another daw or similar?
I had some issues with different samplerates in Gigperformer and Ableton Live.


Nothing other than Gig Performer is open.


This seems very strange. Can you reproduce this? Are you using any virtual audio interfaces and/or an aggregate device? I’m wondering if there’s a problem with word-clock sync or drift on your system (which would not be a Gig Performer issue) but would most certainly cause a problem like this.

Also, when this happened, were you still able to play other plugins properly or did everything get garbled?


For this rehearsal, I was simply using the player in a rack space and because I didn’t have my rack with my Radial Key Largo mixer/interface, I was just coming out of the laptop headphone output into a Whirlwind pcDI A/V Direct box to the PA. The audio output of the Mcbook was set to internal out


Have you ever run into the problem when you use a real audio interface? I wouldn’t trust the DACs/drivers for the Mac headphone output one bit.


It happened the very first time I created the rack space. Not since though.


Did you try resetting the audio engine before you quit?


Are you referring to when I experienced this issue using the internal Dac’s of my MacBook Pro, or the my Key Largo?


I thought it only had the problem when you were using the Mac internal DAC


Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was using my Key Largo when I first used file player plugin. After I reloaded the mp3 again and played it, there was no issue.
When it happened the other evening using the Macbook’s audio outs, I just closed Gig Performer and then opened it up again. I had no issue with the file player after that.


Has this ever happened again?