Audio file player bug windows 10 latest gp3 ver

when switching to a gig where the audio file plays instantly, the audio was cracking / skipping, digital distortion type of thing, i opened the audio player and noticed there was nothing registering on the v u meters, i tried this with 2 different gigs that do this, happened with both, then, after trying it again with both, both played fine and the v u meters were displaying correctly

Could we have a little bit more information please. What do you mean by “switching to a gig”. Did you open a new gig file or switched to a different rackspace?

What is your typical CPU usage when you are doing this?

Sorry, switching ti a rackspace, the cpu is very low usage , this only happened yesterday for the first time, hopefully just a freak thing, but because there was no vu meter activity, i thought it was reportable