Audio File Player and Multiple Songs

I setup a rack with the Audio file Player and put my stems into the plugin. Works great.

Now, I want to duplicate this to more songs. But I want to make sure I’m doing it right so as to not use too much memory. I’ve tried doing a variation but when I change the stems, it changes both the original and the new variation.

So, do I need to create a seperate rack space for each song?

Thanks in advance!

In Setlist mode you can reuse rackspaces.
What do you mean by Stem?

The individual audio files. When I replace those on the second song, the first song get replaced also. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Just not sure what.

Sorry I am lost.
Can you upload a small gig to show the issue?

It won’t let me upload a file because I’m a new user.

but here is what I did. I created a rack with a Audio File Player plugin. I set the tracks on that plugin. But if I try to make a variation and change the files for the plugin, the original also changes.

My guess is that I have to create a New panel to do what I’m wanting?

Ooops, now I understand what you do not :wink:

A rackspace (you say rack) is a collection of plugins.
A variation is a “snapshot” of plugin parameters controlled by widgets.
So when you have different variations you cannot load different wav files in the audio player because this belongs to the plugin and therefore valid for all variations.
You could use different Audio Players and in the variations you could bypass what you do not need.

It is important to understand what a rackspace is and the meaning of variations.

Hope I could explain.

But feel free to ask,

Thanks. I think I got it now.
So, would it be wise to have a seperate “rack” for each song then? How would that affect memory? I’ll loading up somewhere around 18-20 songs, or “racks”.

Thanks for your help!

With the option predictive load memory will be no issue :wink:

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Thank you sir!

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What did you use before Gig Performer?