Audio drop outs

morning all,

I have just set up my new M2 Mac book air. I’m running an Audient id44 with the latest driver. Im getting some major audio dropouts as I play. these are NOT crackelling but total drop outs.

the system is an M2 with 8GB of ram and a 256 HD. looking at the Activity monitor im only using 3.5-4GB of ram and the CPU load is only 11-20% as im only running 2 vst’s.

iv come from a 9th Gen i5 PC with 8gb of ram and have never had any issues.
so as such I don’t think power is an issue.

Any help would be great.


What messages come up in the Console Applikation?
(it is a standard Mac program)

No message, its just dropping on and then comming back in.

Any chance you are using a plugin in demo mode?
What version of Gig Performer are you using?

You may be right!!! I though i had sorted the licence on the ML studio plexi, but maybe not.

absolutely spot on it was the Ml Studio licence had not properly moved over in gig performer.
All sorted now, thank you.

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