Audio drop outs on new Mac

Hello Everyone. I’ve just installed GP4 on my new MacBook Air M3. I have been testing my rackspaces that I had created before I got the new laptop. I’m experiencing audio drops for about a second intermittently from time to time. Almost as if I was clipping the signal but I’ve eliminated that. Is there something I need to change or add for a new Mac M3?

Is it a very regular dropout? Another user had this issue recently on a new laptop, and the reason was they hadn’t authorised one of their plugins and so it was running in demo mode and causing the dropouts.

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I will check that but I’ve experienced a drop out from a demo mode plugin before and the drop out is much longer. This drop out is a very short maybe less than a second and comes right back. I will check and get back to you.

all plugins are licensed on the new Mac. I did just noticed that I forgot to turn off the wifi and bluetooth though.

My only advice would be a process of elimination. Bypass individual plugins and try to isolate if it’s caused by one in particular. Or start with a basic rackspace, adding one plugin at a time until you replicate the issue.

I’m only using two plugins and not both on any rackspace at the same time. there’s no global rackspaces being used and only one plugin per rackspace.

Is this happening with every plugin? What audio interface are you using? Are the right drivers installed for it? This is not going to be a GP issue…something else going on here.

What are the plugins?
Are they ilok protected and are you using Sonoma 14.4?
If you’re using the AU version of the plugin, have you tried the VST3 version?

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they are neural plugins and they are VST3. My computer is Sonoma 14.3 MacBook Air M3

Yes they are ilok protected

So you’re just using one Neutral DSP plugin in a rackspace? Does it work fine in the standalone app?

Does this help? Tim Gibbs

You previously said that closing Safari and other apps helped.

if I did say that then that was on an older matchbook and obviously not the new one I picked up yesterday. but… I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out. It was the cable. I changed to a cable that is a printer plug one end and a usb 3.0 on the other. I had to use an adapter to get from my laptop to the usb 3.0 connection. I originally was thinking that a cable straight from the thunderbolt to the interface that uses the printer cable connection would be better but in this case, I had to go a different direction. Thanks for all your guidance and just to let you know that I was able to play several racks with different plugins without any drop outs for at least a hour I think.

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never had any issue with the standalone app