Audio buffer influence on MIDI timing?

Does the size of the Audio buffer influence also the MIDI timing/latency?
I use GP with the largest possible buffer setting because I run a lot of virtual instruments for playback. And I use a second instance with a very low buffer setting to play other virtual instruments live. But I have also a Korg Kronos which I could use in certain scenarios. So let’s say I use only one instance of GP with a very large buffer setting and I just route MIDI Data through GP which goes to the Korg Kronos. Does in this case the audio buffer have any influence on the MIDI timing/latency?

No, it shouldn’t.

OK, thank you. That’s good to know. By the way this weekend I really had almost a nervous breakdown because GPs CPU was going to above 90 percent. Why? Because I had three instances of the Neural DSP Cory Wong Plugin running. Closing one Plugin solved the problem. The Neural DSP Plugins seem to be really scary CPU Killers… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Could it be that you had a MIDI or OSC loop? Are you sending this kind of messages between your GP instances?

I don’t use OSC. I will have a look, but I got the impression that the Cory Wong Plugin is just very CPU hungry. Other Neural DSP Plugins also have this bad behaviour.

Concerning Archetype:Cory Wong, it is not an impression.
For example, it uses 4x more cpu cycles than S-Gear, Nembrini BG Extasy, and 6x more than TH-U…

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