AU plugins from SK Note and FAC won't load

I will log this issue with the respective developers of the plugins as well but thought I’d mention it here in case anyone can throw any light on it - or in case it’s something Deskew can address.

I have several plugins from SK Note and they will only load as VSTs - they fail to initialise every time as AUs in Gig Performer (but they are fine in Logic).

I also have the wonderful chorus from Fred Anton Corvest - FAC-Chorus - and this is only available as an AU (through the Mac App Store). It also won’t initialise in Gig Performer (although it works fine in Logic).

UPDATE: I just bought the bundle of all four FAC plugins and they also will not load in GP but are fine in Logic.

For the one that’s only AU, does it work if you load it in Blue Cat PatchWork in GP?

Did you reboot your Mac After Installation of the Plugins?

Yes, I did reboot. But thanks for the suggestion!

I’m afraid I don’t have Blue Cat Patchwork to try it with but it looks like there’s a demo. I’ll try that and report back.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I downloaded the demo of Blue Cat Patchwork.

  • the SK Note AU plugins load fine inside it

  • the FAC plugins do not. I now realise they are something different. Even though Logic loads them they are not stored as .component files in the usual place. Instead they are referenced in (~)/Library/Containers in some way I don’t understand. I suspect the executbale part of them is in the standalone (in /Applications) and the unusual location is related to the fact that they come from the Mac App Store (never bought plugins from there before).

I’ll wait till I hear back from Fred and report here.

If you’re not familiar with FAC plugins you should check out the Chorus and Alteza at least - both are extremely nice (and I don’t even like chorus usually).

They are AUv3 plugins, which previously I’d only seen used in iOS. I saw this on their website:

Ah. Thank you - I had not seen that. I guess that answers that one then.