Assigning sustain pedal in spitfire chamber strings

Hello everyone,

First post [new user] here.

I am trying to assign cc64 [sustain] to Spitfire Chamber Strings in Kontakt 7.

There appears to be no route to do this. cc64 works in other hosts / daws I have tried.

Any clues . . I may of course be missing something obvious.

Any help welcome as I have to be able to use sustain.



Hi @Gearhunter, welcome to the family.

How looks the global MIDI monitor window when you press the sustain pedal?

I will check when I am next able.
About to get on a flight

And take a look at the midi assignment window.
Maybe you midi mapped cc64 to a widget

I put a sustain pedal widget in with cc64 going to it from my pedal, it’s getting it to control sustain within Kontakt on Chamber Strings that seems to be a problem. In stand alone mode it just recognises the incoming controller but within GP there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to map it.
I’m travelling for a few days but will look at global midi monitor as soon as I can.
Thanks for replying.

This behavior is by design and documented.

Don’t do that. That’s why it’s not working. When you associate a widget with a physical control, the control is blocked by default. It’s beyond the scope of this conversation to explain why that’s a good thing (it is😀) but for your purpose, get rid of that widget and it will work

Do you mean not responding to a sustain pedal?

I took the widget out. cc64 shows in midi monitor but still doesn’t get through to kontakt.

Please post an image of your wiring view and the global midi monitor after you have pressed the sustain pedal a few times

Also, can you open the MIDI Assignment Window and make sure that you haven’t associated CC64 to another widget somewhere?

Bedtime here now. Travel the next few days. I’ll be back on it on the 26th and will try to post things then.
Appreciate the help . . I’m just starting with this program, although not new to programming midi/editing.

No worries. It should be obvious that CC64 works in Gig Performer…the program would be rather useless otherwise. Has to be something simple

Just got home [late]
Here is a screenshot of wiring and midi.
Expression and mod get through but no sustain. Shows in midi window.
I think it must be a problem from Spitfire [when hosted in GP]

OK – so you have a block that is just named “MIDI In” — what’s the actual device?
Also, could you please play a couple of notes as well as pressing the Sustain so we can see ALL the events coming in, not just the Sustain events.

Yep, the problem is that your notes are coming in from one device (irig keys), which you have connected to Kontakt but the CC64 events are coming from a different device (MIDI Expression Black, whatever that is)

But you haven’t connected that device to Kontakt

Right that sorted it. Thanks
I had mapped the expression pedal [via the midi expression box] to a widget which is why that was working.
FYI Audiofront midi expression . . very handy
Thanks for the help.