ASIO Drivers on Windows systems


We have had reports of some ASIO derivers that are bundled with an audio interface crashing the Gig Performer on startup or after selecting ASIO in the Audio preferences dialog.

Please make sure that you install ASIO4ALL 2.13 or later driver on your Windows system if you plan to use an ASIO driver.

You can download ASIO 4 ALL drivers for free using the URL below

Download ASIO 4 ALL driver here



I have a question about this. I just upgraded my machine from a Windows 10 machine to a new Windows 10 machine. Previously, I was using Behringer’s ASIO driver for my Behringer interface, and it worked great. However, I am having unexpected audio issues on my new machine using Behringer’s ASIO driver (latency and crackling/popping while playing my soft synths). I plan to try ASIO 4 ALL now, but should I uninstall my other ASIO driver?



I don’t think you have to remove other drivers. However, if you upgraded your machine, presumably you also reinstalled Gig Performer there. What sample rate and buffer size are you using? Is it possible they’re different to what you had on older machine?



I did reinstall GP and am now using the latest version… 2.3.0, and old machine had version 2.2.something (old machine died due to power surge from lightning strike. I was able to recover everything froom system image, but some programs required massaging). The ASIO issues I was having were for all of my software including stand-alone versions of Spectrasonics instruments. Today, I installed ASIO4ALL and it seems to be working much better now. I’ll be testing everything out for the first time this weekend.