Arturia released Pigments V3!

This afternoon Arturia released Pigments V3!

more info on

For those who already own Pigments V2, the update is free! (Download is in progress :wink: )

At the moment, the regular price is 99€ (plus sound pack) as an introductory offer - later it will cost 199€


I love Pigments!

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Where did you see that is a free update?
When I log in I see an offer of 49 EUR and I own V2.

I read it on the web site(s).
And in my Arturia manager, i was shown the update too (which I did then).

Ok, I was on the web page.
Right now Arthuria software center is unable to connect.

I’m also having trouble login in Arturia Software Center, it seems to be a generalized problem

Now it could connect

It seems that a lot of people try to get their update at the same time… :slight_smile:
Have you got it for free now?

All because of your post here!!!

I will check tomorrow😉


How much do you all use Pigments? What plugins have you replaced with it and/or would it be a good replacement for? I’ve thought about it as I own vcollection already, however I just don’t have a feel for its specific place in my live rig.


This thread has been read by 15 people now… if that is what it needs to bring Arturia’s server down… :smiley:

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I am mainly a collector… and i like to play around with cool sounds (for myself). :sunglasses:
I personally think it doesn’t really fit in my live-set (for oldies and rock), maybe there could be some nice pad sounds or leads that i could use for live playing, but i see its main purpose as an experimental sound toy.


Now I got it for free


I got it for free too. It took awhile to connect.


It was my turn…v3 + Gp3… ahaha
and night is still young :wink:


I just updated now, it was quite straightforward, Analog Lab V takes much longer…

Btw: I bought this soundpack… for 20€ absolutely worth the money! Lots of very usable sounds!

Which soundpack?

This one:

Free for new users, 20€ for existing users.

This library has no displayed price here… I can only download each Sound pack separately :thinking: