Arturia Pigments v5, Explorations sound bank bundle, Wurli v3

Arturia has just released Pigments v5. It is a FREE upgrade for owners of v4. They also released a new bundle of presets for it (Explorations), with an intro price of 20 € (from 90 €) until 12 Feb, IIRC. I also picked up the Wurli v3 upgrade for 50 € (from 200 €), There is also a minor update to Analog Lab 5.


NOTE: The Explorations bundle doesn’t show up in the Arturia Software Center. I had to log in to my account, go to My Products, find the Explorations Bundle, click on it, manually download the three installers, and then run them. To access them in Pigments, click on the “leaning book” icon left of the current preset window and select Sound Banks. They should then show up as Beats Explorations, Expressive Explorations and Liquid Explorations.

This took me a little time to figure out. Hopefully, it will save at least one of you a little frustration.

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NOTE 2: Wurli v3 does not replace v2. It installs separately. I haven’t yet figured out how, if possible, to use the v2 presets in v3.

you can get to sound banks by opening analog labs, select store and click on owned, then download.


[Deleted: I figured it out].

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