Arturia Pigments Synth Plugin


Found a great new synth plugin. Wow! Easy to program, sounds great. Medium CPU usage.
Free to try for a while too.


I bought it :wink:


Same here. After one day of using the free trial.


I wanted to be strong, because i honestly own already more synths than i ever may be able to try and play, but today i got the offer from Arturia to buy it for 69€… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
So they finally got me again. One more excellent Synth on my hardrive, i guess. :innocent::blush:


yeah, Im still on the fence… and lastly, 1.1 they added Poly Aftertouch


Aaaaahhhrgh! I can’t log in on their site anymore… hopefully the support get’s this done before the offer expires. :roll_eyes::persevere:


Think you (and me) still have 48h, more or less, until expires.


The Arturia support unlocked my account and now i am a proud owner of Pigments too. :+1: