Arturia minifuse4 issue

Copying here a post on Arturia forum…

I am using a Minifuse4 with a 13" MacBookPro M1, Ventura OS.
I produce with LogicPro and play live with GigPerformer.
During a soundcheck before a gig last Friday I run into serious problems. After some checks I found GigPerformer reporting sample frequency as 48 Khz while Minifuse control center reported 44 Khz.
I tried to reboot three times because control center was not working and no audio was on output.
After some panic I set GigPerformer in 44 Khz and everything started to work properly.
I completed the gig without problems.
Of course mismatch on sample frequency was the issue. But you cannot change that on control centre… I was thinking control center takes the frequency from core audio inside MacOS.
Any suggestion to solve the issue?
I will try to replicate the “bug” at home very soon

Arturia answered that their Minifuse Control Centre does not change sampling frequency, as I already know. So audio applications must do the switch: then Minifuse board and software will match.
Today I tried at home to replicate the bug.
Using LogicPro everything works well: you set the sampling frequency and Minifuse follows, I tried three times forth and back, from 44 to 48 KHz. Everything OK.

Then I tried with GigPerformer and the project I was using that night.
First test with a change from 44 to 48 went wrong: from GigP I switched but Minifuse didn’t follow and audio was dead: same situation as that night! And going back to 44 solved the issue.
But when I tried to switch again from 44 to 48, things started to run well, I changed 5 times with that project and a little one: now GigPerformer and Minifuse go well together after every switch, in both directions.
So I am not able to replicate the bug in controlled environment.
I will try again but since I know the problem and the workaround, I will be able to survive in case it will happen again.
Computers never stop to thrill us…