Arturia Mellotron V

I have had to give up on this one. Keeps causing GP to “hang up” …the dreaded “spinning working circle” keeps on spinning, and whatever rack the plugin in in loses most of its functionality until I jar the system loose by clicking on another window…usually going to the rear panel and viewing any plugin will do the trick.

So I am going back to Ol’ Faithful: The Sampletron.

Anyone else ever experience an issue like this?

p.s. - all other Arturia plugins seem to work fine.

Hmm, that’s strange - although I don’t use the Arturia mellotron myself - I have been using the M-Tron Pro for years for all the vintage Genesis/Gabriel stuff that I do

Yeah…I love the M-Tron as well. That is really CPU friendly…at least the original one was.

The Arturia had some really nice blended sounds in addition to the originals which added some “color” right out of the box. But nothing I can’t recreate elsewhere. Not the hill to die on. Just curious if anyone else out there expereinced that type of hanging up with that or any other plugin.


Might be worth reporting to Arturia.

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I have used the Mellotron V for playing Strawberry Fields about a year ago, with no problems. And that was on my very old laptop that could not even handle B3X

I just set up a rackspace with the Mellotron within Analog V and it’s working fine.

Try reinstalling it. It works fine. There is a GUI load delay for sure… it’s kind of a beast like the aforementioned B3-X… but after that delay it always loads for me.

It is working fine for me on Win, but I don’t use the very last Arturia update, perhaps it makes a change.

I use the latest VST2 Version of Arturia Mellotron on Win10 witb no problems.

When I have the Arturia Mellotron loaded along with another plugin or 2, I had no issues. It’s when it’s part of a 30 MB+ .gig file with uber stuff happening that is started to s**t the bed…and it always occurred when changing to the rackspace it was a part of. Once the racksace stabilized, it worked fine. But I had to stabilize it manually…so it’s not something that can remain.

I will go back to the Sampletron, or perhaps even load my M-Tron back in. Since the sounds I am looking for are very specific (ie: the typical Prog Rock strings, flute, choir), there are certainly plenty of alternatives, and not something I need the “latest, greatest” plugin to achieve.


That’s nothing — must be something else going on.

But I’m a big fan of MTron-Pro. I’ve found it to be very reliable.