Arturia Keystation 88 on hub power

I just received my KS 88 yesterday and am very impressed (gotta a lotta learning to do). The manual says to use a powered hub, but I spent quite some time using my Surface Pro 6 to drive not only the KS 88, but also my RME Babyface Pro. I used it that way for a couple of hours without any problems. The Surface Pro 6 has great battery life, and with a couple of Bose battery powered speakers, I could go out busking for an afternoon. The thing is though, the KS manual states that the hub should be powered, but doesn’t say why. Can anyone explain what the problem could be using an unpowered hub?

You run the risk of too much current being drawn, which will break stuff.

Can you explain bit more please?

See for example this

I clicked the link but nothing happened. Is it connected?

For me the link is working.

I rebooted my iPad and it then worked for me too. Can anyone recommend a rechargeable power bank that might be suitable?

I found a powered hub to use, but another problem has arisen.
I’ve just started to get the red screen and the missing audio interface message despite the interface being connected. When I go searching and show GP where the interface is, GP then boots up fine. I’m using my new Arturia Keystation 88 and an RME Babyface Pro though a powered hub. Any thoughts as to why GP would be throwing up this message every time I try to boot up?

Problem solved. I pulled all cords and then it booted up fine. Darn computers:)