Arturia Chorus JUN-6 - free gift

Though i will grab it anyway… does it sound good? Have you tried it yet?

Yep, im playing with it, sounds good. Its that Roland chorus (I have a Super Jupiter and a JX-8P so…)

  • All access to its parameters (23).
  • Latency: 44 samples (1.0ms)

Thank you very much, I will grab it.:+1:

I am still looking for the best possible Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (the one also built in the Boss JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amp). Perhaps the Juno Chorus is from the same chorus family… I don’t know… Both the JC-120 and Boss CE-1 plugins are part of the IK Amplitube, but it doesn’t sound good enough to me.

For the moment I use the very good and free Mercuriall WS-1:

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Try Soundtoys Echo Boy

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It is a bit complicated to me. I just wanted to reproduce easily the supertramp Wurly sound which is based on the Boss CE-1 and the Mercuriall WS-1 got me easily very close to the Supertramp sound.

I do Supertramp stuff using Lounge Lizard and TH-U from overloud

For Supertramp, I also use an Amp from Guitar Rig 5. I also own Amplitube 4 but Amplitube (JC-120, Chrorus-1) sounds really “tiny” to me. Is there a demo version of THU ?

Yes. Just head over here: TH-U FULL | Overloud
And click “Get Demo”

TH-U has some phenomenal amps and effects and it’s very CPU friendly

I will give it a try, thanks.

Arturia plugin is a complex thing to install with one more installer app to install in order to install a plugin…
And as my computer is optimized for GP with only critical applications, there can be no question of installing as many installers as plugins wanted.
What is even more worrying is that offline activation does not work.
This is the first arturia plugin that I try to install… and this is the last one. :unamused:

Did you send an email to Arturia support? make your statement…

As said before, I have just spent several days reinstalling Win10 following the excellent Npudar optimization guide and then installing only the necessary audio applications.

I’ve developed a taste for using the lightest platform possible and as I am a bit tired, I don’t feel right now like struggling with protection systems that require applications that weigh down my system to install a free plugin that I don’t particularly need.
I prefer to let other users enjoy arturia products which have an excellent reputation.

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Let us know how this went and what the results are. I’m sure everyone would like to know :slight_smile:

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I am doing the same with my second computer and, for now, I begin to have headaches thanks to Npudar :wink:
I’m going to be busy elsewhere for the next few days, but I’ll get back to it afterwards and I willl start making some tests.
I will be sure to let you know what I think.

I’m following the same logic. I tend to get rid of all unnecessary stuff and use a portable app for every “3rd-party-need”. I even don’t use an antivirus app at all. I cannot advise that to Community users, but the greatest security app is our brain. :slight_smile:

There is a special security application, though, that I heavily used to stop worm infections via USB drives:

It’s was developed by Serbian programmers (unfortunately the abandonware now). I was also a beta tester there :slight_smile: (Das waren noch Zeiten - I had a great time back then).



I actually only use audio applications and portable versions when possible. I wait for the portable GP version :).
The few office utilities, systems, etc. are all in portable version.
Thank you for your link to mcshield but I prefer to continue to use Microsoft’s protection for reasons of frequent updates and because I only activate it occasionally when I need to connect to the internet and I take advantage of this to make system and software updates - when I don’t intend to play live in the following weeks…
Thanks again for this guide, I will give my impressions on the forum when I will have finished the optimization of my second “sandbox” partition and when I will have tested all my configurations, gigs, rackspaces in GP.

As I had already optimized Windows (I have been doing it for several years) I am curious to see if there are any important differences.

For information, I am using an old Lenovo Thinkpad laptop from 2013 with an i5-3320M and 8GB of RAM. This means that I am obliged to optimize and limit my requirements for flawless operation.
I installed 2 internal SSD and on my main disk there are 3 partitions:
-1 for live use

  • the same + applications other than audio. I also use this partition to test programs or configurations before including them in my first partition if needed.
  • 1 partition for everything that is not programs: files, documents, plugins, samples, libraries, etc.

On my second SSD (installed in a caddy in the place of the optical drive) there is a backup of my partition n°3, an iso disk image of my partition n°1 +the backup of the registry… and portable Macrium Reflect.

It’s a method that allows me to go on tour with complete peace of mind.

About touring: waiting for the next upcoming…