Arturia Analog Lab V licensing failure in gig

Last night I discovered mid-song that none of my Analog Lab V sounds (about 30% of my .gig) were working. A major problem for the performance.

For some reason it had decided that I was using a demo version (and not the full version that came with my Arturia KeyLab 88 MkII), and that the demo had expired. Panic stations as I tried to get an internet connection in the middle of the gig.

After managing to get online and fire up Arturia Software Center, the licences just seemed to resync automatically, and my sounds returned. I wouldn’t mind so much but my Mac has been online every day for the past three months.

This is just not good enough for gigging musicians. Could have ruined the whole night. I’m just posting here so that a similar issue can be avoided by others.


Did you contact Arturia?

I haven’t as yet, no, but will do so in a wee while.

I am going to set up a mobile hotspot on my phone so that my laptop can be permanently connected to the internet during gigs from now on.

You shouldn’t need to do that. I’m surprised there was an issue at all. I’ve never seen that with Arturia though I use their individual plugins myself. You should understand what happened before changing anything


If I were you, I’d rehearse completely offline and monitor what’s happening with my setup.
Make sure to review settings of your plugins, particularly look for Automatic Update, Usage Tracking, Anonymous Data Tracking, etc. options. That can be a hassle, e.g. see here: Gig Performer | If your fans start running hot when you load Gig Performer, it's probably not Gig Performer!

Sure you can have the hotspot ready, but it is mandatory to dial in your setup so there are no surprises. We have Mac/PC optimization guides that can help you with that.


Thanks npudar, good suggestion. I think the issue was related to the upgrade of Analog Lab V to fully support Apple Silicon (which I put off until now).

I think rather than being permanently connected to the Internet, a better approach would be to open up each of the various plugin management utilities (e.g. Arturia Software Centre, UVI Portal etc) and check the a) update preferences situation (as you suggest) and b) to make sure I’m up to date in advance of the gig.

So I’m taking part responsibility for not proactively maintaining my software stack.


Per this blog article, we strongly recommend you to not do that unless you have several weeks available before your show to deal with any issues.

Updating a plugin, or indeed anything in your operating system, can cause unexpected problems and you do not want to have to deal with such things at the last minute when you’re stressed.


Once bitten thrice shy, due diligence is sometimes enough , sometimes it isn’t , part of the joy of the subscription model world we live in is keeping an eye on “that time of month” for me it’s on or about the 19th , and of course typically other subs with other vendors could reflect any time of the month , different days for instance , hard to keep track of when you’re auditioning the latest and greatest , and just rolling with the punches , ah worse case scenario I’ll just hop online , oh wait !!

I guess you use the “rent to own” option. So, I guess that is the issue (?)

Maybe that creates additional complications?


Yes, but the Arturia plugins are not subscription — once licensed they should just work forever.

By the way, this is precisely why we designed the licensing system in Gig Performer to never check licensing unless you perform an upgrade to your system. If you leave your OS alone, you can run GP forever without ever even connecting to the internet.


I have TWO fully functional and tested, dedicated rack mounted computers in my gig rack.
I almost NEVER connect them to the internet.
I keep any newly created or changed gig file(s) on both CPUs, in sync.
This way, if I experience a failure, I’m only down for 5 minutes to swap my midi cables, etc., and boot up CPU #2.
I also alternate using CPU #1 and CPU #2 for shows, just to maintain my confidence in each unit.
I wait for a break in my band’s show schedule to make ANY software updates, and even then, I only update one at a time, and then test.