Arturia Analog Lab in Gig Performer?


I am in an 80’s cover band and a bunch of other cover bands. I think would like to beef up my (especially) 80’s synth collection options as a transition from my hardware keys to laptop/Gig Performer.

I have Windows 10 and Kontakt 6.

I am not a synth programmer. My approach is to run through presets, find something close. Then I can do moderate (hit and miss) tweaking on a small number of parameters (probably comparable to a synth rompler workstation).

So, considering the price difference with the full Arturia Collection, Arturia Analog Lab seems like a good option.

But, I have read a few posts that raised issues about using too many resources (cpu, I think) and it is better to use each synth separately, which I do not think is an option if you just get Arturia Lab (rather than the Arturia V Collection)

So, are people using Arturia Analog Lab? Does it play well with Gig Perfomer?

Thanks for any input.


I am using Arturia Lab within GP and it is running fine.
But to use the separate synths is lower on CPU, but not that much.

Thanks, so much for responding!

So you can use each synth as separate instruments if you only bought Arturia Analog Lab (rather than the full Arturia V Collection). (I understand it would be subject to the more limited tweaking of only the presets as compared to the Collection).


No, you cannot.
I have all the synths.
But when I do not have to tweak I sometimes just use Analog Lab

Got it.

So, it will use somewhat more CPU than if I used separate synths, but (based on your experience) you do not think it’s a big difference or CPU usage is too excessive.

Okay, thanks,

So much depends on your computer, your audio interface, etc. For example, you can run multiple instances of Analog Lab with different sounds but depending on what sounds you use, you will use significant amounts of CPU cycles but depending on your system, you may be fine — your mileage will vary


Thx. Just installed it. We’ll see…

I’ve just installed Arturia Play, to have a couple of specific Synth sounds and I find they are quite hungry. I activate all EQ plugins, reverbs, phasers and whatnot and the audio CPU is at about 7% … As soon as I activate the 2 Arturia synths, the CPU automatically goes up to about 24% without even playing a note … Is this normal?
While playing the audio CPU goes to about 34 -40%

Depends on the synth.
What synth are you using?

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I don’t know what Analog Play is but I avoid Analog Lab because it’s very CPU intensive


HI, @pianopaul

I couldn’t really say … I think It’s a Prophet 5 … Just starting with Arturia Play so I don’t know how to get around the plugin yet

That’s what I see … (It’s the Arturia PLAY FREE version)

This is it … basically, a set of presets to get a taste of Analog Lab…

Analog Lab is very intensive. It can be useful to find a sound but it’s generally better to just use the underlying synth

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Do you mean to find the actual Prophet 5 synth and use that out of Arturia Labs? ( Spanish user and sometimes I don’t quite understand)

Another thing I have just found out is that If I’m in WIRING view, the audio CPU level is idle at about 25% but if I go to PANELS / SETLIST view it goes down to 14% in idle.


You would need to buy the Arturia soft-synth (or buy the full “V-Collection”).
Sometimes they have great sales if you can wait,
Also, you can check for license transfers (purchase 2nd hand). I have had only good experiences at V-Control.

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oh, wow!! Awsome info… I did not know this site… Thanks ever so much…

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