Arthur Oliveira - What is the best DAW for Live Looping?

I’ve stumbled upon this interesting video that discusses what is the best DAW for Live Looping.
The answer is - no DAW! But Gig Performer, of course! :slight_smile:

See here how Arthur Oliveira make this conclusion:

When we are live looping, we really want to be fast we really want to be able to change presets and instruments, utilize many virtual instruments sometimes, and although you can do that with any DAW I think there are little things that some DAWs do better than others and that can really help or throw off your performance - so that’s where Gig Performer comes in! Arthur Oliveira

Like he explained in the comments, Arthur used the term DAW to attract more attention to musicians (Gig Performer is not a DAW but a VST host for live performance).

On Arthur’s YouTube channel you can see many live looping videos and Gig Performer in Action, for example this one:

NB: just to mention that these videos that I find on YouTube are not in any way sponsored by Deskew Technologies. I’m glad that people recognize the value of Gig Performer and decide to dedicate a video about it. :slight_smile:

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