Aroma do Tempo - Ciclo Syrah - Passos e Compassos

Some photos of my last show with the EigenHarp Alpha and this time NOT running EigenD (huge thanks to @KaiDrange and its ECMapper )

© Photos by Carlos Teixeira

All went really well, live playing in sync with live video all from the Alpha.
What always amazes me in outdoors shows is distances and loooooong cable runs

  • 15m cable from Alpha to Basestation
  • 25m to main sound desk
  • 50m to video projector
  • 200m to Main power generator

  • MBP tucked away :wink: running Gig Performer 4 + (@Kai) ECMapper with the usual “suspects” plugins Pianoteq, Aalto, Diva
  • inside the rectangular case:
  • Basestation on top
  • Modal Cobalt 8M
  • SSL2+ audio interface
  • Ipad Pro 5th Gen running Imaginando VS Synthesizer handle the video

Initial rehearsals I use the Linnstrument (always fun, all more integrated)


Great, so it happened! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very cool! :beers:

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Wow really cool! The location seems inspiring and unusual.

Ok - can you please elaborate on this :slight_smile: How did you produce MIDI without it?

Sure @djogon !
Still early days in this project from my friend Kai Drange (he’s also a long time GP user ,-)

and the main tread of discussion at forum
EigenharpMapper - Eigenharp - Poly Expression


Oldie but Goodie

Pianoteq 6 Contest from 2017 :slight_smile:

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