Are there Gigperformer command line parameters available?

Hi all,

currently I’m trying to move all my Gigperformer 4 projects to Gigperformer 5.
The transition mostly works fine but in some cases I have to invest some work, to adapt the project to new, enhanced Gigperformer 5 functionality.

During the time of transformation I use Gigperformer 4 and 5 on the same machine.

In principle this works fine for this special use case with one exception.

Both Gigperformer installations seems to use the same setting file, so when I open V5 after V4, V5 tries to load my V4 file and vice versa.

Okay, I can disable the auto open functionality and open my files manually, but this is a bit annoying.

So my idea was, to create 2 desktop icons and add the needed .gig file as an command line parameter. But I can’t figure out the right syntax.

Is this possibility implemented and if yes what do I have to do?

Is there a special reason, why both Versions use the same settings file?
This is in many cases suboptimal.

Wouldn’t it be better when e.g. V5 starts for the first time, to check if an own settings file is available, and if not, copy the V4 settings file to a V5 location.

So the seemless transition from V4 to V5 is guaranteed but from that moment on, both installations are independant.

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They both use the .gig file type, hence only one executable can be the default for all files of that type. And yes, the .settings file is shared between the two versions.
As you mentioned, disable the auto-open functionality to ensure you’re using the correct version before opening a gig file.

If you’re using Windows, you can create batch files to open specific files with a specific version of GP.

Copy this text, paste it into your text editor–changing the file path and name to the specific file you wish to open in GP4. Then save it as a .bat file. When you open that .bat file, it will open up GP4 and load that specific gig file.

cd "C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 4"
start GigPerformer4.exe "your_path to_the_gig_file_here"

Why? Why can’t you load your GP4 files into GP5? It’s a superset of GP4 so you shouldn’t be losing any functionality?

A tremendous amount of testing was done to make sure that GP4 files would open correctly in GP5 so if one has GP5, there’s no particular reason to continue using GP4

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Thank you,
that was exactly what I was looking for.

Now everything works perfectly :slight_smile:

We have been using GigPerformer since version 1 and are absolutely delighted with the software.

We now manage almost all aspects of our band life with the software - or in other words: We can no longer exist without it.

It is therefore extremely important that it is available at all times.
As I am responsible for the operation of the software, I also have to make sure that a backup solution is available at all times so that we can continue working in the event of errors.

Switching from V4 to V5 is always a risk, despite all the assurances given by the developers and despite massive testing, and this can easily be avoided if you can fall back on a functioning old version at any time.

This question should not be a questioning of the quality of GigPerformer, but merely the desire to be able to quickly switch back to the previous version in the unlikely event of an error occurring until the problem is solved.

Translated with (free version)

I understand that (and we really appreciate that you’ve been with us from the beginning)

But if you are that dependent on GP, why don’t you just have a separate machine that replicates your live setup and do all your testing there. It seems to be that would be safer.

Remember, even if we were duplicating the settings file, we “could” be unknowingly breaking something else that GP4 depends on, even if we thought we had made the new version completely separate. So the only real way to test safely is to use a separate machine.

Yes, of cause you are right.

But we are “only” a hobby project and so we are glad that we were able to buy one dedicated PC for our music stuff, two would be ‘a bit oversized’.

'Til now I was able to handle all updates and extensions with one PC and hopefully this will not change in the future.

Kind regards

I don’t know when you started with GP but we have used the same settings file since GP1

Why don’t you use this trick?
Rory Townsend - #2 by npudar

It’s pretty safe and easy to maintain.

Sounds interesting …

I will give it a try :slight_smile:

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