Apple Logic Pro X Instruments / Plugins in GigPerformer?


is it possible to use Logic Pro X Instruments in GigPerformer ?
I thought the limitation that you could use “Apple instruments” only within the application was only for Mainstage.
Does anybody know how to use the Logic Pro X Instruments within GigPerformer ?
Apple has some general purpose instruments that are good to be used for cover music. I dont like the mainstage complexity that´s why I hoped that I could use the instruments in GP.
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Logic Por X Instruments are special instruments for Logic Pro X and Mainstage.
This instruments are not AU-Format.
Sorry, cannot be used in Gig Performer.

But,I have to say, plugins like Blue3 or Moddart Pianoteq sounds better.


This is true for several DAWs that come with proprietary plugins — Logic, Digital Performer, Studio One, many others. You end up being locked in. The benefit of using 3rd party plugins is that they work with any platform.


As @pianopaul mentioned - you cannot directly use the plugins from Apple’s proprietary formats, but … you can do the following

  1. Load LogicProX (or MainStage) and load your plugins/instruments into it.
  2. Make SURE that each plugin does not respond to your physical keyboard, but only to IAC Bus (1,2 ,3 etc…) (IAC Inter Application Communication midi ports can be created in MIDI setup on your mac)
  3. In GP create a MIDI In block for the specific keyboard you want to use (do NOT use OMNI)
  4. Create a MIDI OUT block for the IAC port you used in step 2
  5. Connect the midi in from step 3 to midi out from step 4

Now if you play your keyboard - GP will get the MIDI data and send it to LogicProX which will play the instrument.

You can do any MIDI manipulation you want in GP, utilize the GP Script if you want etc…
For widgets - you can send MIDI data over so if the plugin in question can modify parameters based on MIDI data then you can do everything from GP.

Have not really tried this beyond a simplistic case, but it should work.

@pianopaul is right though that the plugins he mentions do sound much better to me as well.


Thanks for your fast responses and explanations!
That is another disadvantage of the protected and isolated Apple environment :frowning:


Well, just the Logic application. ProTools, MOTU Digital Performer and other DAWS do similar things with proprietary plugins.


If you have Kontakt (full version), you can do as Dr. David has done with Omnisphere…

  1. Open Logic Pro X.
  2. Load Kontakt into LPX as an AU Instrument.
  3. In Kontakt, sample whichever LPX instruments you wish to use in Gig Performer.
  4. Save as a new Kontakt instrument (.nki file, I believe).
  5. Close LPX.
  6. Open GP.
  7. Load Kontakt (AU or VST) into a GP Rackspace.
  8. Load saved instrument file.

Hope this helps,



You could also use BLISS, it is a VST resampler.


Here’s another resampler… stand alone.


I’ll have to look at that. There’s also SampleRobot but it’s expensive