Anyone using reacontrolmidi with Gig Performer successfully?

Whenever I have this plugin in a gig file I can use it fine until I go to reload the file after closing. Gig performer hangs on loading reacontrolmidi and then exits to desktop after about a minute. Any idea how to get this plugin to work or something simple I can use in its place?

I thought that was a Reaper only plugin?
What are you using it for?

it’s part of the free reasuite which works with most DAWs in my experience. I’m using it to control a parameter in Trilian.

If you want a widget to send midi into a plugin, you can map a widget to a Midi In Block, which has parameters for all notes and CC numbers.

Why so complicated?
You can use Host automation with Trilian.


There was a specific reason I was using a third party plugin, but it’s a slightly old gig file so I can’t quite recall exactly. I THINK I was using it to do something specific with pitchbend intervals controlled by midi on notes in a way that I could not seem to do through widgets alone (different midi on notes routed to different pitch bend intervals). Like, I said, I may be misremembering but I think it had something to do with this.