Anyone using GP for FoH Live Mixing?


Just wondering if anyone out there is using GigPerformer as a FoH mixing tool to add plugins into the signal path?

I know there is an article in the blog but just seeing if anyone else has any more first hand experience of this? And if so what desk, what you’ve found good/bad, etc.

I use a Midas M32 regulatory for FoH mixing but haven’t had a chance to use it with GP yet - certainly planning to though!


Did you see this article about Robert Frazza?


Ah cool, thank you, I hadn’t seen that one.

Was really interested in the more specifics though - what desks have people had luck with? Are folks running a full processing chain or just a couple of inserts? What is latency like? Etc.

To be honest I just need to give it a play myself! (And will report back when I do)


I use gigperformer to host waves real time auto tune. Each vocal channel gets the plugin inserted on my Behringer xr18. I also record with that computer. I have to remember to turn the recorder off so I dom’t lose all the audio files. Too often, at the end of the night I’m too sloppy in shutting down. I have the latency down to 128 samples 44.1khz. The performance of that autotune is transparent in FOH- you can’t really tell. You can tell the latency and tuning in your head against the in-ear monitors. Some of the vocalists really like the delay as it makes the voice sound thicker (just to them since they are hearing both the original voice in their head and the processed voice with their in ear monitor).