Anyone using a laptop with 128 GB of Ram? (Windows)

If so, would love any information/specs/vendor/etc… (I am just exploring my options at this point).

Google gives this:

Top 10 Laptops with 128GB RAM (Mobile WorkStations) | Reinis Fischer

Thanks, yep, I took a look at that (not sure if all the links were valid).

I guess this is sort of cutting edge (and therefore, cost an additional premium) at this point.

I really love not using predictive loading or having separate gig files for different bands. (I have 32 GB of ram, so I am better off than many).

Right now I am very happy with my set up. I have access to everything very quickly and it works.

But, as I add rackspaces, the amount of ram used on load up will inevitably increase.

Now when I started GP this morning, the task manager said 86%. Over time using GP this comes down a lot (last time I checked down to under 50%)

I am going to do a bit of an audit this weekend. I would not be surprised if I did some stupid stuff that increased ram usage. For example, in Kontakt, a lot of times I assumed that loading a new sound would replace the prior one. But, actually, that is not the case. So, I am going to check I all my Kontakt rackspaces to look whether I have multiple extra loaded sounds (I hope I do. This would be an easy fix for lowering ram usage)…

I am going to check this link to, particularly my Kontakt streaming settings…[blog] Clever ways to optimize your plugin usage



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I just checked and saw many laptops are unavailable.

I also upgraded from 16 to 32 GB of RAM, and I’m sure I will reach it too probably sooner than later.
I don’t like predictive loading as I have to wait about 10 seconds or more before switching songs (at a non consecutive position).

I also noticed that, not sure about the numbers, but initially using more memory than after some time.

You can play in kontakt with purging, I think I didn’t save it while purged, so I’m not sure about how to use it, but it could save memory.

Another thing you can try is export every song (rackspace) separately, than check the file size to see which song uses more than others.

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