Anyone tried Studiologic Numa X Piano with Windows VSTi?

As the title says, has anyone tried the new Studiologic Numa X Piano with the built-in mixer/interface connected to Windows? I am really interested in getting one to replace my SL88 Studio and use its internal mixer/interface instead of an external USB mixer/audio interface.

I want to know how reliable the built-in mixer/interface is as it is Class Compliant and so doesn’t ship with a dedicated ASIO driver. This would mean using ASIO4ALL or FlexASIO to use it with GP in Windows and I haven’t had a brilliant experience trying to use ASIO4ALL with any class compliant device, certainly not enough to be comfortable relying on one for gigging.

I realise class compliant audio devices work fine on Macs and Linux machines, but I am a Windows guy and so have zero intention of using a Mac.

I tried asking the guys at Studiologic, but could not get a straight answer over latency of the built in mixer when connected as an audio interface to Windows and they would not be any more specific than to keep repeating “It has USB audio”.

Has anyone had opportunity to try this keyboard as an audio interface in Windows with GP? Or seen someone online doing so?

Arghhh - DON’T DO THAT!!!

I would really prefer to buy a decent audio interface with a multi-client dedicated ASIO driver!

I know, if it had an ASIO driver it would be a great option. The built in mixer would replace the external unit I’d normally need to use and would seamlessly mix its own (rather good) internal sounds all with the new version of the keybed I’m already used to… being in the same size casing it would also fit my current flightcase!