Anybody uses Sibelius 7 synched with GP?

Hello Community, I would like to sync Sibelius 7 with GP. anybody uses it ? thanks for your help.

I am using Sibelius 7 First.
What do you want to do with GP and Sibelius?

is it possible / efficient / useful to sync Sibelius and GP ( rewire ) to manage directly the plug-ins sounds from GP ?

I do not understand: What should Sibelius manage in Gig Performer?
Can you please exactly describe what steps in Gig Performer should be managed by Sibelius?

Is it possible to use rewire between sibelius and GP to drive some sounds / effects in GP?

You can use virtual audio
For example blackhole

We do not support rewire. What do you mean to “drive some sounds”?

Basicaly, would it be possible to consider Sibelius as an interactive midi player ?

If you’re on a Mac, you can send MIDI from Sibelius to Gig Performer using an IAC port and then Sibelius could play all your plugins assuming that you set up MIDI channels appropriately.

Just remember to remove any MIDI In OMNI blocks to avoid feedback issues.

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Fantastic ! ! ! Thank you very much.