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I have a friend looking at the Artiphon Instrument ( as a guitar replacement. Not sure if it is available right now, but has anyone in the community seen one or used one? If so, is it an instrument to be recommended?

The website shows nothing when I click on your link.

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As a guitarist who has been using guitar/MIDI gear since the 1980s, i got interested in this instrument in 2013, watched demos and got some info from a musician who tried it at the Paris music fair.
To sum up, i is impossible to play like a guitar, or only in lap steel position. It is very expensive, there is a lot of latency and bad tracking.
This may have changed since then, at least I hope so.

I am not interested in this type of gear anymore since I use Midi Guitar by Jam Origin.

Here is a user review (in French, but thanks to DeepL)
Artiphon instrument 1

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Thanks for your input.
My friend already plays guitar, but now has arthritis in his left hand and is finding that it is becoming quite painful to press down the strings when forming chords. Thanks Hermon - I will pass on your thoughts.

He could try playing guitar with very soft strings (gauge 008/.038) + Midi Guitar and be able to enjoy the synth sounds with or without the guitar sounds.
Midi Guitar is fully functional, the demo version has no date limit, you just have to click from time to time in a window to continue using it.
This could allow him to see if it is possible to still have fun playing.