Another Simple Question About Importing/Using (Pre-made) Scriplets

Can someone direct me to a walk through on how to import a scriplet.

I already downloaded the gig file with the (Plugin-persist) scriplet.

I can open the Gig file and I see rackspace with the scriplet.

So, how to I get the scriplet to where I need it?

Do I save the rackspace, import it into my project and then work on copying the scriplet (and maybe the widgets too?)

Or do I import the scriplet itself?



A scriptlet is just a code.
You can open the scriptlet editor and copy the code to your clipboard.
Then in another rackspace include a new scriptlet plugin, open the scriptlet editor, paste the code and compile.
Another way is to save the scriptlet as a favorite and include it in your new rackspace.

Thanks, Paul, I even found a video on using favorites, so I went that route. I highlighted the script block, saved it as a favorite, imported it right in, and duplicated and inserted them between the MIDI in blocks and the audio blocks.

Appreciate it! :grinning: