Another question about preditive loading

I understand how preditive loading works when dealing with rackspaces, but have some doubts about its use in setlist mode.

If I set preditive loading to load the next, say, 8 rackspaces, how will it perform in setlist mode, considering that in some songs I use several rackspaces?

Exemple: Song 1 has 6 parts, each one consisting of a unique rackspace (including variations) and song 2 has 5 parts (5 rackspaces).

Will GP load 10 songs (no matter how many rackspaces are involved) or will it load 10 rackspaces, meaning the last part of song 2 will only be loaded after swiching to the second part (rackspace) of song 1?

In principle predictive load is based for rackspaces,
BUT: It is made sure that all rackspaces for a song are loaded.
For example predictive load is set to 5
3 songs with 3 parts, each part uses a different rackspace
Now when you load the gig in Set List Mode 6 rackspaces are loaded.
This is because the 1st song uses 3 rackspaces and the 2nd song uses 3 different rackspaces.

Hope I could help you.