(Another) Laptop Spec thread

The price on this Lenovo just dropped another $200 since I started researching (not including opening a business acct to possibly save another 5%(?)) :
ThinkPad P16

32GB DDR5 4000mhz

The graphics card is probably overkill. But I’ve read good about Lenovo here. It would be a nice step up from my current 8th Gen i7 + 16 GB RAM.

Anything jump out as “bad?” Thx!

I switched to integrated graphics on the cpu (cheaper).

As a keyboard player, I opted for 64 gb ram (maybe moving to integrated graphics while adding more Ram will be “a wash”?)

Ok thx ! – I will see if that config is available :slight_smile:

Quick follow up –
I created a business acct w/Lenovo as recommended in this forum and it knocked another $200 off the price (now $1544)! I think the big discount is because it’s a pre-configured model – I couldn’t get the “build your own” version to get any savings.

I would speak to someone on the phone there (Lenovo). I think you can get better prices and more personalization. I don’t see a downside.

Good idea – I love saving $ :money_mouth_face:

Hey, I was curious how this worked out. What did you end up getting? Is everything working out?

I did speak to a sales rep, but as suspected, that doorbuster deal was only on the pre-config models – so I did end up buying it. I will have about $90 in rewards coming after 30 days – could possibly use that toward more RAM if needed.

I’m still building out my GP files for 2 bands – different file structure vs old laptop (1HD vs 2HD) – so, I gotta make sure everything’s pointing to correct samples, making sure licenses are correct, etc. But so far so good!

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Yep, if you got a Thinkpad 2, you can always buy/install more ram later (up to 192GB now?). And I suspect the price per GB will continue to come down. Makes sense.