Another behringer x-touch mini question

I’ve searched for this thing and read through several topics about it, and I think it will do what I need, but figured I’d ask before I spend the money. My use for GP is simply to play backing tracks for my band. Pretty simple setup, works great. I have a bunch of songs, each song has a dedicated rackspace with an Audio File Player, each audio file player has between 3 and 8 different tracks.

I am hoping to add an x-touch mini as a hardware mixer for the volumes of each track in the Audio File Player. So as I go through my set and adjust various levels I can use the hardware knobs on the x-touch as volume knobs for tracks 1-8. My concern is that once I save those values and reload the song that the saved volume will not be sent out to show on the knob on the x-touch. Hopefully that makes sense. Let’s say I have a song where track 5 in the Audio File Player has the volume knob set at 9 o’clock, when I load that song will knob 5 on the x-touch have the LED sync to 9 o’clock also, regardless of where it just was from the previous song?

That one feature kinda determines if the x-touch will work for me, I found a used one locally so I run the risk of not being able to return it if it doesn’t end up working. Anyways, hopefully someone has done this and can verify. Like I said from reading the other posts about the x-touch it does seem like this will work, just wanting to make sure. Thanks!

If you don’t have already, you’d have to use widgets which are connected to the volume parameters of the player’s tracks.
Then activate the “sync” option on the midi tab of those widgets. The xtouch should mirror the values perfectly well.


I knew I’d forget some detail…yes I do have widgets setup for each track’s volume in each rackspace. This sounds perfect then, thanks! This is gonna be great!

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Just got home with the x-touch and can confirm this works perfectly, just in case anyone in the future is searching this and finds this post. Yay!