Android Bluetooth Midi control of GP


I have an 7.1.1 Android Tablet app (BandHelper) that sends midi PC and CC over bluetooth but I can not get GP on a Win10 Home (w/latest BLE Midi Update) laptop to connect or respond.

Using RTP - I was successful with connecting over HotSpot Wireless between Android Tablet and Phone and Win10 laptop but Bluetooth Midi from Tablet to Laptop not working.

Anyone know how to do this?


Microsoft seems to have implemented Bluetooth MIDI in such a way that applications have to have extra code to support it. It’s unclear to me why they did that — the whole point of an OS is to encapsulate hardware from APIs.
It’s on our list to support this but can’t say when that might happen.


Thanks for writing.

I found out I can update my Bluetooth Radio firmware from the Intel Website. I’ll test it tomorrow.

Here’s hoping it just works…


No Luck

So frustrating because tablet and pc are “Paired” but disconnected.

I’ll have to continue to use a cell hotspot and RTP-midi - at least that works.


Software solution: MIDIBerry in Microsoft Store
Hardware solution: WIDI Bud. It had latency issues at first. My controller sends lots of MIDI data including CC#11 on multiple channels. I contacted the company and they came out with a new firmware in a matter of a few days. It took care of the issues. The WIDI Bud will pair with only one Bluetooth MIDI device, though.


I’m glad to hear that Bluetooth MIDI support is on the list.