Analog Lab 5 Macro Control with GP-Widgets

Hi There
Anyone else having troubles assigning the macro knobs of Analog Lab to a Gig-Performer widget and get it to function?

While at first all seems normal (i can connect the widgets using midi learn or by selecting the right entry from the parameter list) i noticed the connection does only work one way.

When i then Change the assigned macro-knob in Analog-Lab the change is reflected on the GP-widget but not the other way around.

As i got the whole V-Collection i tried loading the same patch in the dedicated Instrument and use the macro-control there. And Voilà they worked perfectly bi-directional so i find this a bit weird. This would be a good workaround but i found that sometimes the Macros in analog-lab and on the Instrument patch don’t do exactly the same so i still wish to solve that.

I’m on GP4 and use a MacBook Pro 2021 running on macOS Monterey
i also made a short screencast of this as a .mov but it seems i’m not allowed to upload this.

best regards

I do not have this problem with Analog Lab. I’m on Windows, and it seems to work fine for me when using the VST or VST3 versions.

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, when I configure a widget my mapping looks like this:

As you were talking of Mac os, and @Vindes assures that for him the VST and VST3 is functional… if there a chance that you use the AU format of the plug-in?
If you encounter issues like that, you should always try every available format of a plug-in!
It’s been so often that they behave very differently (for which the plugin developer is to blame, not Gig Performer).


I can reproduce with the AU version, but VST and VST3 are working fine.


Yes, as i’m on a Mac i thought i’d best use the AU-Version but you guys are perfectly right, i tried it out and it works fine on the VST-Version.

Thanks a lot, it’s been a while since i’ve been on the Forum but the GP-Community is still awesome. :wink: