Analog lab 4 loads incorrectly



I’ve been building my first gig with this software couple with Arturia Analog Lab 4 and the full new suite Arturia V collection 7 plugins.

The problem is that sometimes the plugins from a rackspace (only analog lab 4 plugins) opens incorrectly (as I double click the green box), still sounds as configured, but when opened a red screen appears (as shown in attatched image below) and the plugin Analog Lab 4 displays “get full version” but I should mention that I have both Gigperformer and V collection 7 in full. In this screen I can’t further modified the plugin because of the limited version and the incorrect load of the GUI (I cannot even scroll the window).
Whenever I restart gigperformer the plugin from that rackspace could be restore to full version and the red window screen on the plugin doesn’t come anymore. But sometimes when I switch from rackspace and I open another plugin from another rackspace the same thing appear (at random). This behaviour means that whenever that windows appear I need to restart gigperformer in order to alter sound from that plugin.
I dont know where is the bug coming, Arturia or Gigperfomer?.

Some hints:

  • I began building this gig list from trial version in gigperformer, and then continue to modify when I bough full using the same file.


Delete Arturia Plugins.
In Plugin Manager remove entries of those arturia plugins.
Close Gig Performer
Install Arturia Plugins again
Start Gig Performer.
Scan new Plugins.
Maybe that helps.