An update on Mobius

Good news to all looping fans out there.
It seems that Jeff Larson, the genius creator of Mobius has opened parts of his code on GitHub, after nearly a decade of dormancy. At least two developers have picked up work on the project, releasing a few new versions. One has some updated GUI elements and small fixes, and another has made a 64 bit version (which isn’t scanning properly in GP yet, but the next build will).
I’ve tested them both, and they are both fully functional with OSC(!), which is certainly a game-changer.

For anyone who hasn’t been privy to Mobius before, it is quite simply the most powerful and versatile software looper ever created. Work on the project ceased back in 2011.

If you’re interested in following the new developments in Mobius, you can ask to join the private Facebook group here: Mobius Group | Facebook


How does it compare to Enso?

There are many things that set Mobius apart from other software loopers like Enso.

The ability to independently record multiple tracks of loops simultaneously.
The sheer amount of basic parameters exposed by the software.
The ability to create custom scripts, which extend and customize the usefulness of those parameters.
The ability to send and receive both MIDI and OSC from within the plugin/app itself.

When you read through the manual to Mobius, which is extensive and unfinished, you start to understand just how brilliant it really is, and how there are such vast possibilities of usage. After many years of my own personal usage, writing custom scripts, delving into many of the different features, I still know that there are many features that I will never use. Jeff created a great landscape for each user to fill in for themselves. That’s the hallmark of a brilliant creation that will last.

Much like GP, which is why I’m still using both pieces of software after all these years!


Another important update on Mobius:
One of the developers who has picked up this project, Christopher Lunsford, has created a new 64bit release candidate, one which works in GP!
Another developer, Claudio Cas, has a 32 bit version with some GUI updates. Soon, they will merge the two versions together for a fully functional and GUI updated 64bit Mobius plugin.
Exciting stuff in the world of looping!

You can find the new release candidate here:

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