An easy way to select output for 8ch mixer (tip)

I have found an easy way to change the outputs channels on the 8ch mixer.
The 4 knobs all have the same step curve:
4step curve for 8ch mixer (618 Bytes)
For this animated gif I have made the knobs large, but I prefer them small and without text.
8ch mixer output knobs


This is how small I prefer the 4 mixer output channel knobs, compared to the border of a 1U panel:

Nice! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could share the gig file as well?

And if someone would like buttons, here’s an example:


Download gig file: Mixer-Output-Buttons.gig (63.6 KB)


Thanks. Nice solution. I will share a gig with more than one solution in a few days :grinning:


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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As far as I know the step curves are not necessary here.

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Yes, if you use knobs, then just turning them will cycle through all the choices.

If you’re using buttons, you’ll need a set of buttons for each fader strip and sufficient buttons to be able to choose all the possible outputs. I think knobs are easier, just one per fader.

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The step curves are not necessary but they are convenient. Add my step curve to one of the four knobs and feel the difference :wink:

4 knobs or 16 pads, that is the question :grinning:

I do the same thing as you with a 32-mixer, there’s no question, I use knobs. But if you want to be able to switch between a limited number of settings, then not only do curves make sense, as they avoid unnecessary intermediate settings, but radio buttons can also be very handy. :wink:

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gig shared:

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